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This past Thanksgiving was my first trip to Charleston, and I wish I had visited sooner! It really feels like being in England again, in some way.

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When I'm offline, there's literally no one around.

When I'm online, I'm surrounded by people, and no one is willing to talk to me.
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I didn't have the chance to take too many pictures in Lebanon, since I had to be carrying things most of the time. The weather wasn't too conductive, either.

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Jun. 3rd, 2009 02:07 pm
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Yesterday's outing was at a seaside Starbucks, but the weather was horrid, and the food was worse. I was less inclined to stay there, let alone take pictures. So, you get pictures of random cute things I found around my room instead.


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I love dubs. At one point of my life, I actively wanted to become a voice actress, and had participated in dubbing and voice overs as a child and teenager. The last dub project I had was for a university course, where my group presented Rose of Versailles in English (it's never been licensed to be dubbed into English, btw).

So, all of the songs I'll be posting here will be Arabic dubbed songs from Disney, since the movies received some of the best quality treatment of any I've ever seen.
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I didn't actually take my camera into any of the shrines, although my friend had. Most of the pictures are of Old Damascus market and buildings.

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I'm not exactly a wedding person, I just find myself in them a lot. That said, it's not every day I get to catch the bride's bouquet.

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21 May 209

May. 24th, 2009 07:45 pm
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I have a love-hate relationship with Dayallo, a nicely sized cafe on the mezzanine level of Fanar. I stop going there just long enough to forget the horrible service ranging from apathetic to downright bad. My forgive and just eat mentality certainly doesn't help, either!

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I often regret having to lock my LJ all the time, especially when I end up posting about my trips or book reviews, but it really can't be helped. At this point, I don't think it will ever go off Friends Only, and I don't like the idea of moving journals.

After having a silly conversation with Teko today, where I mentioned how most Japanese bloggers I stalk seemed to blog only about FOOD, she bet me ten kd that I would never take pictures of my own food and blog about it.

Guess what I'm using my DW for? 8D

This will double as a Japanese Food Blog Wannabe/Travel log, hosting all the posts I wish I could unlock on my original journal. This should be fun, if only because Kuwait is the Land of Food, and I'll be traveling a fair bit in the future.
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What does it mean to grow up? When do you consider yourself to have grown up? What if you never get to go through the experiences normally considered with growing up and becoming an adult? Do you stay in limbo, watching others go through their lives from behind the window, wondering when you'll get to have that sort of life too?


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